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Steven Holdridge

RE: The Inside On Getting Big, Monster Bucks!

Dear Disgruntled Deer Hunter,

Are you becoming frustrated with going out into the field hoping to get that trophy buck only to sit for hours on end wasting your day away and in the end the only thing you have killed is time?

Have you spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on top of the line equipment to help aid in your big buck quest and it turned out to be worthless and useless? You might be thinking at this point you aren't putting enough time into it or you may be questioning if deer hunting is for you.

I can understand the aggravation felt of going out on cold days and waiting and praying to get a chance to get that monster buck and not even seeing a deer in sight. I too at one point in my life went through the same trials and tribulations. I wanted so badly to succeed and I would keep coming up short time and time again.

I can relate to the way it feels sitting around with your friends talking about deer hunting and listening to all of their stories about the big buck they recently taken and you don't have a story to tell and you become the butt of jokes because of the fact.

I decided I was tired of not having a great story to tell or a picture of a beautiful buck I had taken. I realized I had to do something if I was going to succeed in this. Doing the same stuff over and over wasn't getting me anywhere.

Then I started doing things differently after many, many hours of research on whitetail deer. Soon I started getting the results I had been looking for all along. And now, I want to share my secrets with you!

Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what to look for when scouting the woods? Think of the luxury of having the knowledge of knowing where you need to be to get yourself in the right position for the perfect shot.

Think how great it would be to go into the woods with confidence and not spend endless hours sitting and wasting your time. How awesome would it be to go out and bag your limit each year while your buddies struggle to get two?

Imagine how exciting it would be to make that call home or to your buddies to inform them that you have just taken a 10+ point big buck.

Picture if you will sitting in your den or living room as your visitors admire your mounted trophy on the wall and ask you how the heck you did it.

This can all happen for you. If you listen to me and take my advice I will tell you how!

I know if you have read this far into this you are serious about wanting to learn more about hunting whitetail deer and getting results. I can bet that you are a little apprehensive into just listening to me and taking my word for it. Well, let me give you some peace of mind.

I have spent years learning the behavior and tendencies of whitetail deer. I have learned many different methods of scouting these animals, finding the herd's food and water source, and even determining the size of a deer by its tracks. I have hunted bucks from stands, blinds, and even stalking on foot.

As you know, there's more to hunting than just sitting in the woods hoping a buck passes by. I have all the answers in this must-have book to get you on the right track. I cover everything you could possibly imagine.

Many of the books about deer hunting today are filled with the same garble and bull crap touching on the surface of topics, but really not digging into them. That's why I decided to start this masterpiece. I go deep down into the "how-to" barrel and give you more than you bargained for.

So, if that's not enough to convince you let me go more into detail about what an amazing opportunity I have in store for you today...

How to Hunt for Any Type of Deer

How to Hunt for Any Type of Deer

It doesn't matter if you are just getting started in deer hunting or if you've been at it for years, this helpful tool I've created can give you tons of ideas and strategies to use each and every time you hunt while providing you with outstanding advice that you can count on.

If you are tired of just being another average hunter and if you are ready to step your game up in the buck bagging business then you first need this book to add to your weaponry.

Here is just a TAD of what I will be discussing...

Did you know that bucks normally don't run with the herd except for the rut? I'll tell you where to find them in the pre rut and post rut!

We'll be discussing how a herd of deer move and how to detect their patterns and what to look for!

I bet you didn't know there are over 500 different types of plants deer feed on. I let you know the top ones to keep an eye out for!

Discover how Gortex material can help keep you dry and save you from hypothermia while hunting.

To use rattle bags or to not use rattle bags? That is the question...and I have the answer!

Find out the main key things you need each time you step into the woods to deer hunt.

I'll give you my little secrets that will produce big bucks and deer just yards away from you without them ever knowing you're there!

If you happen to get lost in the woods while hunting, have no fear! I will inform you of how two sticks and two rocks can show you the way out! No kidding!

Get the shocking truth about why many deer hunters ruin their future hunts because of things they did while scouting.

Find out how scent eliminators wafers can help save your hunt on a windy day.

I will explain the rut from start to finish so you can better understand how to plan your hunts!

Can't decide on a stand or a blind? You'll get the right advice on the pros and cons of both right here in this "got-to-grab" book!

Now you killed it, now you want to eat it! I've got mouth-watering recipes that will make you think you died and went to venison heaven!

Now you've taken the buck, but sometimes you have to track him down! No need to worry, I lay out what you should do from beginning to end!

I'm covering the behavior of deer, gear for the field, how to hunt, how to scout, how to plan, what to look for, what the heck the rut is, what to do if you get lost, and how to serve 'em up!

Think about it for a minute, what would tagging a huge, granddaddy buck be worth to you? Believe me, I've taken many deer and with each and every one it's an indescribable feeling. There really isn't a price tag you can put on it. Now if you are considering paying someone for hand's-on training you better get ready to take out a loan!

People actually spend $4,000.00-$5,000.00 for these lame deer guide hunts where you basically go to a deer farm on a gated property and they push the herd toward you so you can shoot one...that's not hunting and I'm positive you want to earn it all by yourself the right way!

That's what you're going to get all right here!

Look I've bought these books before only filled with hot air and running around the bush not really telling you anything essential or useful. That's exactly why I created this! You must see this PRICELESS 50 page, know-it-all hand guide!

Now, before you go filling your head with huge numbers for what you think I'm asking for this or if you are comparing it to the outrageous prices some charge for a book not filled with half the information, let me tell you I have a shock for you and a chance to take advantage of the offer right now!

I am giving you a chance today to change your way of deer hunting and start getting the results you want and without you having to break the bank in the process. You can get your hands on this right now for a skimpy...


If you take in all the factors I am including and the small price tag I've put on this work of art you would literally be walking away with a smile and this need-to-have pamphlet for practically nothing!

Keep in mind the satisfaction you'll be getting out of taking that first BIG buck and what it would mean to you. I'm sure you'd agree its well worth it!

Just to let you know this is not just some other book about tagging deer I am going to give you an incentive in this investment.

We Have So Much Confidence... "We'll Give You a FULL 60 Day Money Back Guarantee"
Ok, here's the deal - we have nothing to hide - we KNOW our stuff WORKS - heck, we've been using it for years..

Full 60 Day (For Any Reason) Money-Back Guarantee

You'll never even have to give us a REASON - just ask for a refund and it's done.

So you have TWO lines of defenses (in case you feel uncomfortable asking US for a refund - just ask your payment company directly!)

Now this is COMPLETELY RISK-FREE for you.

Why are we doing this? Because we're 100% CONFIDENT that this system will work wonders for you - if we don't deserve your money!

By now I am 100% convinced that if you have read this far you are interested. I am sure that you're not "just another hunter" and you want something better for your hunting future.

You don't want to be just your average hunter, you want to rise above the crowd and your fellow hunters to set a new standard in big buck hunting.

This is something you have a strong passion for and you should take this chance to better your hunting capabilities. There's no need to look anywhere else when I've got it all right here for you in this easy to comprehend guide.

After all the time and effort you put into hunting you owe it to yourself to grab this up and change your hunts and their outcome forever! You don't want to keep on going into the woods, sitting for hours, and producing the same ole boring results!

This is the time you could make a difference and learn more about hunting whitetail deer than you ever imagined! Once you take in the information I am providing for you your buddies will be coming to you with all their questions guaranteed!

I am asking you today to make this investment to learn more about hunting for trophy bucks and how to pinpoint your hunting skills to transform you into an avid buck bagger!

The choice is your's so make the right one and snatch this incredible book now!

To Your Success!

Steven Holdridge

P.S. Remember, you're getting a 60 day money back guarantee!

P.S.S. Don't wait and be left in the dark! Others are getting this info now!

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